Analog Layout Interview Questions with answers

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Common Centroid Layout for Precision Matching
Difference between Finger and Multiplier
Matching Concepts for Capacitor
Matching Concepts for MOSFET
Matching Concepts for Resistors
Layout Interconnect Parasitics
Orientation-Dependent Effects on Layout Design
Heat and Mechanical Stress in Layout
Difference between MOM, MIM, and MOS Capacitors
First order Effect in MOSFET


I have two cases: ( Case1: One metal has 2um width and 10um length, case2: Two metals are running partially with 1um width and 10um length for each of two) So from a layout perspective, which case is best and why?


Analog Layout Design Tips and Tricks.
Difference between Analog and digital layout?
Double Patterning Technology Fabrication Process
Latch-Up Prevention Techniques
Difference between MOM, MIM, and MOS Capacitors
RC-triggered-based Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection
What is Analog Layout
What are the inputs of LVS?
Via doubling in CMOS
Advantages of Shielding in Analog Layout


Optical Proximity Correction (OPC) in VLSI
Latch-up In VLSI
How do you choose the height of Standard cells?
Temperature Inversion on Lower Nodes
Dishing and Erosion in Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP)
FinFET Fabrication Process
What is the odd cycle error in VLSI 
Antenna Effect in VLSI – Causes and Solution
Why we are using Filler cells?
What is Dynamic Power?


Metallization Layers in Semiconductor Chips: Aluminum vs. Copper
Best Practice for Analog Layout Design
Analog Layout Design Mastery: Expert Tips and Tricks
Difference Between FinFET and MOSFET
Why do we go for FinFET?
How does FinFET reduce leakage?
Where is FinFET technology used?
What is better than FinFET?
What is meant by contact and via?
What are the constraints you will follow while doing standard cells?


How many vias you will use and how it will help to reduce resistance?
Chemical Vapor Deposition
How you will take care of power in standard cells?
Difference Between physical vapor deposition (PVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
What are Triple-Well Processes
How do you calculate metal width and length?
What is the Contact Spike phenomenon in VLSI
What is Bulk Connection in CMOS?
What are the ways to reduce metal resistance?
What is the importance of a good floor plan in analog layout design?


Why do we use p substrate in CMOS?
Shielding to reduce noise
What is On-chip Variation (OCV)
Modes of Operation of MOSFET
What is Retrograde Well
What is the NWELL Antenna Effect
What is the difference between higher and lower node technologies?
What is poly pitch?
CMOS and FinFET difference
Ion Implantation


What is Standard Cell Library
Crosstalk and Shielding
Fabrication of FinFet
What challenges did you face in lower node technologies?
Advantages of triple-well process
MOS capacitance-voltage characteristics
What is meant by Fins
How do you plan for device placement?
CMOS process integration: FEOL & BEOL
How you will identify Analog and Digital layouts?


What checks are done in Electrical rule check (ERC)
How do you choose power metal?
High-speed layout how do you reduce resistance?
What is surface scattering?
DIBL(Drain Induced Barrier lowering)
What is Impact Ionization?
N-well Antenna Effect
ESD Model
Critical area analysis (CAA)


What is pinch off effect of MOSFET
Crosstalk Prevention techniques
What is Schematic & Layout Design
Hot Electron effect in MOSFET
Body Effect in MOSFET
TDDB(Time-Dependent Dielectric Breakdown)
What is Channel Length Modulation
What is a linear Regulator?
DSM Effects on VLSI
What is a Guard ring?


Characteristics of an ideal opamp
What is an aging effect in VLSI
Ideal MOSFET Current–Voltage Characteristics
Why PMOS pass strong 1 and weak 0
What is Double Patterning in VLSI
Why NMOS pass strong 0 and weak 1
What is Self-aligned double-patterning (SADP)
What is Shielding in Analog Layout?
Why Shielding is necessary?


Types of Shielding in Analog Layout.
Where Shielding is required?
Types of Shielding in VLSI
Characteristics of Operational Amplifier
Voltage Divider Formula
What is a Programmable Logic Device
How can you avoid crosstalk?
How multiple vias are used to reduce crosstalk?
How does the spacing reduce the crosstalk?
Crosstalk noise in VLSI


Differences between LDD(lightly doped drain) & Halo Doping
Which type of current is flowing in the CMOS Inverter?
What is role of of Electrons and Holes in Semiconductors?
What is Contact Spiking?
Why are (111)-oriented P-type substrates preferred?
Why is a P-type (100) substrate doped with boron preferred?
There are two metals,1 is vertical, and another is horizontal, which metal current will flow fast? why?
If VDD and VSS are shorted. What type of errors you will get?

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Analog Layout Interview Questions




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